I Am Turquoise

Bright and brilliant,
I am eye-catching and dreamy.
Ethereal by my own right,
I am a vision that catches in the corner of eyes.
I am light when the sun shines down,
and a gorgeous shade of the deep sea
as the night sets in.

An exercise from the book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, had me pick my favorite color and write about it as if it were me. What was it about that color that might be a part of me? This is an interesting exercise to try. I was surprised by what flowed from my fingertips when I envisioned this glorious color and how it might relate to me. Some might think that I’m rather full of myself when they read it, but it’s truly not the case. What poured forth is the confidence that I’ve longed for and lacked in my lifetime and the realization that I’m starting to feel some of this as I embrace my creative energy and the beauty that comes from getting older. I didn’t put much thought into what I wrote. I didn’t take time to roll it over in my mind, instead, I simply let it move through me and onto the page. The result was a vision of how I now choose to walk through the world. I am turquoise.

I wonder, what color would you be?