I Am Turquoise

Bright and brilliant,
I am eye-catching and dreamy.
Ethereal by my own right,
I am a vision that catches in the corner of eyes.
I am light when the sun shines down,
and a gorgeous shade of the deep sea
as the night sets in.

An exercise from the book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, had me pick my favorite color and write about it as if it were me. What was it about that color that might be a part of me? This is an interesting exercise to try. I was surprised by what flowed from my fingertips when I envisioned this glorious color and how it might relate to me. Some might think that I’m rather full of myself when they read it, but it’s truly not the case. What poured forth is the confidence that I’ve longed for and lacked in my lifetime and the realization that I’m starting to feel some of this as I embrace my creative energy and the beauty that comes from getting older. I didn’t put much thought into what I wrote. I didn’t take time to roll it over in my mind, instead, I simply let it move through me and onto the page. The result was a vision of how I now choose to walk through the world. I am turquoise.

I wonder, what color would you be?

There Is A Voice

There is a voice that lies deep within.
A voice that sometimes gets lost
amongst the crowds of others wearing thin.

It has to shout for you to hear it.
It has to scream to make you notice.

There is a voice that pleads for you to bleed.
To put your soul on the line,
cast all doubts and fire up a need.

It urges you to push forward.
It calls on you to make it happen.

There is a voice.

We all have it. This voice inside of us, this one that wants more for us. We have a dream, we have thoughts of something we want to do, but it gets buried beneath the rest of life and it fades away in the background.  Often, that voice grows tired of hiding in the shadows and starts shouting at us to do the thing that we are hungry for. To turn that idea or thought into something tangible. To push through and force ourselves to do the work and make that thing become something so powerful that it’s no longer a distant dream but instead becomes something we must achieve – a need.

We all have this voice. The question is, will you listen?

Taking Back the Morning

I’m working on something new – taking a break from social media in the mornings. The mornings are when I’m my most creative. It’s when I can easily get into the flow and write, but I’ve been sabotaging them by reaching for my phone the moment I wake up. Before I’ve even left my bed, I’m sifting through page after page of Instagram and Facebook updates. I don’t get caught up much on Twitter anymore, but I still find myself checking it a couple of times a day, which is also the same with LinkedIn. I’ve considered, more than once, eliminating those altogether from my phone, but I haven’t had the heart to go there yet. Why is that? Fear of missing out – also known as FOMO? I kind of hate that acronym. Maybe it’s because I had no clue what that meant until being forced to look it up recently. Either I’m getting old or just out of touch. Oh, but I’m definitely not out of touch considering all of the social media accounts buzzing on my phone, and I refuse to claim old yet. Not today, Satan.

I probably waste at least a half hour in these early mornings on social media. The truth is it’s likely far more when you add in all the times I find myself holding the phone in my hand without even realizing what I’m doing. I can’t even remember reaching for it. Sometimes even mid writing session I catch myself scrolling the screen. Seriously, picking up that phone has become a terrible habit. It’s getting in the way of me getting down and dirty with my work, of taking hold of the pro mindset. So, here come the baby steps. Starting today, I’m eliminating the immediate social media check in the mornings until after I’ve gotten out of bed, made the coffee and written my morning pages – à la Julia Cameron and The Artist’s Way. Then, and only then, am I allowing myself a peek. But even today, I’m refraining from looking until I’ve done something more – like writing this post to tell you all about it!

So why is it killing me right now to not have a look at my phone? I’m not missing anything important and I know it. I suppose it’s just become a habit, an addiction of sorts. I never saw myself as a phone addict, but the amount of time it spends in my hands is disconcerting, at best. The moments we have in each day are so fleeting that I don’t want to throw too many of them away on something that isn’t supporting my creative endeavors. Yet, that is exactly what I’ve been doing. I’m not giving it all up entirely, but I am raising my cup of coffee and giving a shout out to taking my mornings back. I’ll let you know how it goes.