The image looking back has begun to change
more suddenly these days.
Having only just settled in to beauty,
sinking lines attempt
to erase it away.


It’s strange and maybe a little scary to watch your face change with age. I spent my youth never thinking that I was pretty, always full of self-doubt and insecurity. Then, just as I start to settle into a comfortable place with my looks, they start to shift. There is something about this that seems so unfair. I watch my husband look even better, even more handsome as he ages, but in myself – I just see sinking. I think there is a part of me that feels like as my looks change, maybe he won’t love me anymore. Maybe others won’t look at me the same as they used to. Then I realize how ridiculous I’m being. I am still the same person beyond the face. No matter the number of wrinkles or the amount of sagging skin, there is someone pretty special beyond the package. The lines mean I’ve had years of growing, learning and becoming someone that I love and no matter how much the wrapping around that shifts, it doesn’t erase what’s inside.

We all change, we all get older no matter how much we may try to fight it, it is beyond our control. But it is our aging that gives us the capacity to love more than ever before. To love others and most importantly, to love ourselves.

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