There Is A Voice

There is a voice that lies deep within.
A voice that sometimes gets lost
amongst the crowds of others wearing thin.

It has to shout for you to hear it.
It has to scream to make you notice.

There is a voice that pleads for you to bleed.
To put your soul on the line,
cast all doubts and fire up a need.

It urges you to push forward.
It calls on you to make it happen.

There is a voice.

We all have it. This voice inside of us, this one that wants more for us. We have a dream, we have thoughts of something we want to do, but it gets buried beneath the rest of life and it fades away in the background.  Often, that voice grows tired of hiding in the shadows and starts shouting at us to do the thing that we are hungry for. To turn that idea or thought into something tangible. To push through and force ourselves to do the work and make that thing become something so powerful that it’s no longer a distant dream but instead becomes something we must achieve – a need.

We all have this voice. The question is, will you listen?

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